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We are a boutique-style job matching service. We help dentists to find hygienists on a short-term notice.


Our service is low-cost for both the dentists and the hygienists! It's a win-win for everyone.

Temporary JOBS

DTooth Solutions is perfect for filling hygiene positions due to temporary office absence.


Hygienist are required to upload their current Tennessee license when joining DTooth Solutions.

About DTooth Solutions Who are we

We are here to help you find your temporary replacement if you are short handed, whether you have an employee out for vacation, holiday, maternity or sick leave.

Dentists can choose from a wide variety of talented hygentists and view their availability.

Hygienists can sign up to let dentists know their availability, in their area.

Sign up is easy!

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Benefits of DTooth Solutions

  • Find all levels of experienced hygenists
    Find talented, experienced hygenists to help keep your office fully staffed and working efficiently!
  • We are committed
    We are committed to helping you find the most qualified temporary replacement for you office.
  • Sign up with dentists in your area
    Our convenient, easy system allows hygienists to sign up and specify which areas they want to work in.


1 Dentist Office Needs

Almost every dentist office at one time or another can find themselves with a hygienist out of the office, whether it's planned, such as a vacation, or unplanned, such as illness or family emergency. Our unique job matching service helps Middle Tennessee dentists to find temporary hygienists who are looking for work.

2 Hygienists Work Needs

DTooth Solutions is perfect for hygienists looking for employment. Many dentists have short or long-term hygienist needs, and our platform helps to match dental office openings with available hygienists in specific areas. Perfect for hygienists who are out of work, work part time, or have available time on certain days.

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