John J 

DTooth Solutions is the best solution for filling hygienists openings that I have ever seen. Exactly what our office needed!


Julie N 

I am a stay at home mom with a new-born child, and I am only available part time on certain days now. Because of DTooth Solutions, I am able to find work for only the days that I am able to work.


Dean C 

As the owner of a decent sized practice, there are times when I need to fill a hygienist seat on short notice. Because of Dtooth Solutions, I find it very easy now and it takes a huge burden off of us.


Holly H 

I have a permanent part-time job already, but when I want to pick up an extra shift here or there, Dtooth Solutions allows me the flexibility to work extra when I want to. I love it!


Jerry H 

I just moved to the area, and needed to find some short term work while I looked for a permanent job. Dtooth Solutions helped me to find an opening quickly until I found a permanent position.


Katherine S 

I love the flexibility of being able to work pretty much on-demand. I don't have the time to work regularly because of my schedule, and Dtooth Solutions helps me keep the lifestyle that I want. Thank you Dtooth Solutions!